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Pulp and Paper Innovation Cluster
  • Research development and Innovation

    Competences and technological counseling for companies, aiming at supporting innovation processes for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises. 

    Research projects involving innovation, applied research and experimental development, enforcement of networking collaborations among companies, institutions and research organization, technology transfer actions and disclosure to business.

  • Technical Auditing

    Investigate specific features and needs of enterprises and identify and evaluate potential aspects for improvement, innovation and development.

  • Research project for product innovation

    Products improvement to increase competitiveness of companies joining the Innovation Cluster

  • Cultural heritage of paper production in Tuscany

    Historic tradition and cultural heritage of paper production industry as a crucial resource for local territory in terms of tourism development that should be valued in order to strength the identity and prestige of the companies in the Paper District. 

  • Innovative use of cardboard

    Design and development of innovative uses of cellulose-based materials. Use of cardboard made from recycled and sustainable paper sources for the production of furniture, fittings, interiors, fixture and equipment: 55100 Srl.


  • Energy efficiency and technologies supporting industrial waste managing evaluation

    Supporting paper mills in the reduction of environmental impacts due to industrial production

  • Strategies for industrial development

    Benchmarking of business processes, scouting and auditing activities in enterprises belonging to the paper supply chain in order to support collaboration and innovation for the improvement of their competitiveness

INNOPAPER innovation cluster aims to group independent companies and enterprises (innovative start-up, small, medium and large enterprises, as well as research organizations) operating or interested in the paper production business sector and located in the Tuscany Region. INNOPAPER is designed to stimulate innovative activity by promoting intensive interactions, shared use of facilities and exchange of knowledge and experience, thus effectively contributing to technology transfer, networking and dissemination of information between companies belonging to the Cluster.



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