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Innovation Cluster

INNOPAPER, co-financed by the Tuscany Region, is the Innovation Cluster developed to support the technology transfer activities and support entrepreneurship in the paper industry (*).

The INNOPAPER Innovation Cluster is managed by LUCENSE, which has been identified as the main operative entity for the development and implementation of innovation strategies by the industrial Paper District. LUCENSE, in the last twenty years, has developed a tight relationship with the local industrial Paper District and has established as a reference point for innovation and technology transfer for local institutions and businesses in Lucca region.

In addition to LUCENSE, which is the manager of innovation INNOPAPER cluster, about 130 companies and organization, joined the cluster:

  • the 122 companies belonging to different industrial sectors:
    • Paper and converting: 31 companies
    • Mechanical: 5 companies
    • Plastic e chemical: companies
    • Plant: 22 companies
    • ICT: 18 companies
    • Services (logistics, maintenance, consultancy, etc.): 20 companies
    • Other: 10 companies
  • IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca
  • Celsius Srl – Master in Produzione della carta e cartone e gestione del sistema produttivo
  • University of Pisa - DICI, DII, DESTEC Departments 
  • University of Florence
  • University of Siena
  • Consorzio Interuniversitario INSTM, FI
  • CNR – Material and devices Department
  • Lucca Intec

Some organizations collaborating with INNOPAPER

  • Distretto cartario di Capannori (industrial paper district)
  • Industrialists’ Association of Lucca
  • Craft Association of Lucca

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INNOPAPER leaflet (in italian)

(*) Innovation Clusters aims to group independent companies and enterprises (innovative start-up , small, medium and large enterprises, as well as research organizations) operating in a specific business sector and located an specific region. Innovation clusters are designed to stimulate innovative activity by promoting intensive interactions, shared use of facilities and exchange of knowledge and experience, thus effectively contributing to technology transfer, networking and dissemination of information between companies belonging to the Cluster.