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Areas of interest


INNOPAPER takes advantage from the network of LUCENSE, which is the manager of the cluster, and which has been working with the industrial paper district of Lucca since many years and it  has been recognized throughout the country as a benchmark for enterprises of the paper sector. In the last years LUCENSE, in addition to lab services offered through its laboratory «Centro Qualità Carta» (CQC, www.cqc.it), has improving its counseling activity about issues relevant to the study and optimization of packaging and to the improvement of pulp and paper products, becoming more and more important in the paper sector, supporting and developing research projects related to both product and process innovation. In this context, the laboratory «Centro Qualità Carta» offers services to enterprises located throughout in Italy and it has been chosen by several multinational companies as technical partner for testing and validating the performance of products and packaging used. 



Following the feasibility study for treatment of pulp waste (which is the waste resulting from processes aimed at recycling paper) with the plasma torch technology, LUCENSE has started investigating cutting edge technologies and companies having know- how and expertise related to cold treatment technologies for plastic waste. To this aim LUCENSE has used its spread network of contacts with people and enterprises involved in paper industry or related to it, with the aim of studying the applicability of innovative technologies to the pulp waste and to evaluate its economic and technical feasibility. The approach of “material recovery”, avoiding the sole "energy recovery" approach applied with the plasma torch, could result in a more effective and flexible management of the pulp waste, thus making the overall process more reliable. In this context, cold technologies have been identified for the treatment and processing of pulp waste in order to transform it into secondary raw material, with the trademark "Plastic Second Life", to be used for the production of plastic products. Testing activities, involving companies potentially buyers of this secondary raw material are actually ongoing.




GestICT Lab is carried out activities aimed to investigate specific aspects upon request of the supply chain paper industry and to provide information and support both in terms of process and product innovation in the field of ICT. Concerning the ICT sector, in addition to the development of advanced information and communication services, LUCENSE, in collaboration with the local stakeholders (Province of Lucca, Municipality of Lucca, Industrialist’s Association , Telecom Italia, etc. ), has been active since many years in the promotion of investments in infrastructure aimed at the activation of broadband connectivity for businesses of paper supply chain and at the promotion of innovative ICT solutions.

In this context, INNOPAPER have organized periodic thematic meetings devoted to discussing aspects of great interest to the initiation and development of innovation activities such as Lean Manufacturing , Supply Chain, Cloud Compunting , etc. Moreover INNOPAPER started a specific action, namely the benchmarking of business processes aimed at defining and implementing an effective methodology to perform scouting and auditing activities in companies. The scope is to create a tool allowing to identify needs and requirements for improvement and innovation in enterprises of the paper supply chain, thus providing useful information to support collaboration and development of companies of paper industry.



Città Sottili is an action dedicated to the design and development of innovative uses of cellulose-based materials. A deep market analysis and evaluation resulted in the possibility of creating new business opportunities identifying also the best approach for implementation (collaborations with strategic partners, establishment of new start-up, etc.). The use of cardboard made from recycled and sustainable paper sources for the production of furniture, fittings, interiors, fixture and equipment using cardboard resulted as positive experience of Città Sottili action, bringing to the born of a spin-off called 55100 Srl.




Historic tradition and cultural heritage of paper production industry is an important resources for local territory in terms of tourism development that should be valued in order to strength the identity and prestige of the companies in the Paper District. In this context, "La Via della Carta in Toscana®“ is an ongoing cultural initiative aimed at raising awareness of the local centuries-old tradition about the paper production and aimed to create a cultural tourist route raising the opportunity for creating strategic synergies with other promotional and commercial paper industry ( e.g. MIAC and IT’S TISSUE). The overall aim is to consolidate and expand the global leadership of the whole local paper district under different point of you.

The value of the project "La Via della Carta in Toscana®“ has been recently reported by the Region of Tuscany and inserted in the new regional plan for culture in a project called "La Svizzera Pesciatina e l’Industria Cartaria".

Reference: www.laviadellacarta.it