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The Innovation Clusters

Tuscany Region aims to support technology transfer activities and supporting activities for entrepreneurship through the definition of centers that refer to the service centers to businesses and the public research system , universities and research areas of the CNR, called Innovation Clusters (*)

In this context, the Tuscany Region has funded the activities of knowledge transfer and technological and scientific expertise to the business system made by the management bodies of Innovation Poles referred to the European Community Framework for State Aid for Research, Development and Innovation (2006 / C 323/ 01) with reference to the following technological areas / application :

  • Fashion (textiles, clothing, leather, tanning , footwear , jewelry )
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Stone Industry
  • Boat and Technology for the sea
  • Furniture and Furnishings
  • Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving
  • Life sciences
  • ICT, Telecommunications and Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Technologies for sustainable city
  • Optoelectronics and Space
  • Mechanical, with particular reference to automotive and mechanical transport.

The development of the Innovation Cluster INNOPAPER was promoted and supported by the Region of Tuscany.


Download the presentation of the INNOPAPER Innovation Cluster .


Download the flyer of INNOPAPER.

In addition, thanks to the activities carried out concerning the support provided to companies for the development of their innovation processes, INNOPAPER was positively evaluated and included in the list of excellent projects in Tuscany. The projects funded by the program PORCReO selected as "excellence in Tuscany 2013' are also present on dedicated YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/PORCReOToscana


Download the publication of the Tuscany Region



Tuscany Region toward a Smart Specialisation

Smart Specialisation, has been highlighted by the European Commission as one of the central pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy, likely a programmatic umbrella under which Community policies aims to reach in the next decade a smart, green and inclusive growth. With the Communication COM (2010) 553 "The Regional Policy contributing to smart growth in Europe 2020" , the European Union explains the role of the Smart Specialisation in regional and local policies, specifying that the action it is aimed policy interventions in those specific business fields that may have a relevance to the regions, in terms of comparative advantage.

Smart Specialisation Strategies are "integrated programs of economic transformation" and 5 main actions should be taken into account on the local territory:

  1. Policy support and investment on key priorities, needs and challenges of knowledge-based development at national and regional level.
  2. Enhance the strengths, competitive advantages and potential for excellence in each country / region
  3. Support innovation and encourage investment in the private sector.
  4. Ensure participatory governance and encourage innovation and experimentation.
  5. Based on real experiences, including monitoring and evaluation activities.

Tuscany Region has turned towards the definition of a smart specialization strategy relying on economic analysis and policy assessments in order to develop specific roadmap taking into account five thematic areas of priority interest:

  • energy and environment ;
  • intelligent territories ;
  • smart manufacturing ;
  • research and human capital;
  • social innovation.

The definition of integrated roadmaps is currently, leveraging on local specificities, and aiming at the exploitation of the potential of innovation and development of specific productive sectors, toward the validation of a model for global action plan including institutional governance, evaluation and monitoring.

During the definition of smart specialization areas, local innovation clusters and technology districts in Tuscany have developed specific documents to help the Tuscany Region to develop guidelines and priorities for the action plan in particular taking into account their areas of expertise.

In this context, also the INNOPAPER innovaltion cluster contributed and proposed the reference scenario for the paper and pulp industry including the roadmap for a smart and inclusive development with significant territorial impact.


Download the Smart Specialisation document prepared by the Innovation cluster INNOPAPER (in italian)

In addition, through the Foresight document aimed at technological perspective, INNOPAPER provides a useful contribution to the development of documents in terms of international representation of the trajectories for innovation.

More information on the website of the Regione Toscana


(*) Programme References

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