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Strategies for Industrial Development

Benchmarking of business processes

Benchmarking of business processes

In order to identify in enterprises belonging to the paper supply chain, specific needs for improvement and innovation and to support the establishment of collaboration among enterprises themselves, a benchmarking of business processes has been activated aiming at identifying and implementing an effective methodology for scouting activities and technological auditing in companies of the paper field.

In this context, the following activities have been carried out:

  • preparation of a dedicated questionnaire to be used for survey and experimentation with several companies in the paper supply chain;
  • validation of the questionnaire;
  • implementation of interviews with the companies concerned;
  • organization of training events about benchmarking activities.

Following the survey, a dedicated software for the analysis of indicators of business performance has been developed allowing to ease both the performance analysis and to identify potential areas of improvement for a specific company.



INNOPAPER has already identified in collaboration with local companies in the paper sector, the main lines of action to support development, innovation, technology transfer for the improvement of competitiveness of paper companies.

The FOREPAPER project is focused on the paper supply chain in Tuscany and aims to update and detail specific lines of action, through the analysis of the following topics:

  • Energy: efficiency and energy saving, use of renewable sources;
  • Environment: waste recycling, reduction of water consumption ;
  • Infrastructural assets: Lucca broadband network and cloud computing;
  • Improvement of logistics: reduction of the number of road vehicles and reinforcement railway transport;
  • Environmental and cultural heritage: see "La Via della Carta in Toscana®"
  • Industry and Innovation : reinforcement of the Laboratory “Centro Qualità Carta” for research and testing of new products , process efficiency (benchmarking, maintenance, warehouses, logistics, etc. ), product and process innovation; strengthening of collaboration among research organizations and companies, and business incubators;
  • Improvement Scientific skills and knowledge spill-over: new materials and nanomaterials