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Paper sector in Tuscany


Paper industry is one of the five strategic areas of the Region of Tuscany. Within the Region is located the industrial Paper District of Lucca (Distretto Cartario), which is most important industrial paper district in Europe, which includes about 120 companies with over 6,200 employees[1]. Paper production and paper converting sectors have, on the whole, an yearly turnover of about € 3 billion and € 850 million generating returns that involves other fields such as those of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, transport, ICT, etc. .

The District, with about 1,000,000 t / y, produce about 80% of the national production of tissue paper (17% of European), and near to 40 % (1,000,000 t / y) of the national production of corrugated cardboard (5% of the European ones).

[1] Source: Industrialist's Assiociation of Lucca, year: 2011.


Video from Chamber of Commerce of Lucca about paper industry sector